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The Forms for the clan Organization Final Twilight, for chat battle/ role playing tourneys ad ranking, and for anime discussion.

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    The Rules(READ OR DIE!!!!)

    Jesu Armadeon Brancho
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    The Rules(READ OR DIE!!!!) Empty The Rules(READ OR DIE!!!!)

    Post  Jesu Armadeon Brancho Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:33 am

    Should have made this earlier but oh well!
    The Rules for this section are exactly the same as the rest of the site, but with a few extras

    1.Off topic disscussion is considered spam to me, so your post WILL be deleted and you WILL be given a warning. After 3 warnings is a 3 day ban, and after being banned 3 times you will be Banned for at MINIMUM 2 weeks. SO DONT POST OFF TOPIC!

    2.What Leaf/I say is LAW. If I say your post is Spam, It is Spam. Do not try and complain to me about how It is unfair. If you have actual proof that your post isn't spam, Then you cao show it to me in a calm, orderly manner in this wonderful thing known as a Private Message. However, i will be getting a TON of PMs, so please eb patient and wait for me to get to yours. If you spam my Inbox, or Leafs It is an AUTOMATIC 3 Day ban, along with a deduction of CBing points.

    3.If you think my conduct is unbecoming of me and or I have broken the rules in ANYWAY, contact Leaf, and he shall decide if you are correct or not. I am Under the rules just like you are. However, if you PUrposely try and get me in trouble, knowing full well I dindt do Anything, You WILL get an automatic 2 week ban.

    4.This section runs like any forum, and like any forum Will be gaining new topics everyday. There WILL be a sperate section Here later for this, but for rihgt now you WILL stick to the topics I have created. i dont want 900 billion topics about the same thing when I can have one topic.

    5.Above all, HAVE FUN. Or I'll kill you. Seriously. Fun is a requirement for coming to this section. Those who do not have fun will be injected with LSD and thrown into the street naked.

    Now that you read the rulles, REMEMBER THEM! If I have to remind you of a rule, then your are in trouble. That goes for you to Staff!

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