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The Forms for the clan Organization Final Twilight, for chat battle/ role playing tourneys ad ranking, and for anime discussion.

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    Post  Leaf Azure Forte Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:25 pm

    Post all wins/losses here by editing post or posting below. Also post date
    InquisitorGlokta(Tyler) vs. Daisuke0716
    Zeikke vs. lchneumon(Ashinn)Tie due to arguement and complications.
    Zeikke vs. Yamato(???) Victor:Zeikke
    Kira069 vs. Daisuke0716
    Zeikke Vs. Mai(numbers at end of name) Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Alaskka Winner: Zeikke.
    Leaf vs. Henshi Winner: Leaf
    Zeikke Vs. Daisuke0716 Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Ichneumon Winner: Zeikke.
    Viz vs. Sora** Winner: Viz
    Z742 vs. InquisitorShadow
    heisei vs. fuma_realm
    Krunk101 vs. hollow_soul51
    InquisitorNyfe vs. InquisitorKiss
    uriu92 vs. wolfkage Winner: wolfkage
    **nova** vs. Kotets
    Viz vs. heisei Winner: viz
    viz vs. henshi
    Viz vs. npd11 WInner: Tie
    npd11 vs. leaf Winner:Tie
    Kira069 vs. -Anastasia-:winner Kira069
    Zeikke Vs. Teen Gohan Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Brolyfan Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Yulwei Winner: Yulwei. It was a good battle though X.X
    Zeikke Vs. Demyx-ROck-Water Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Npd Not finished
    Zeikke Vs. his brother in real Winner: Zeikke >Very Happy!
    I kicked Zed's Ass!(this doe snot count)
    Zeikke Vs. !KuchikiByakuya Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Killer 1343 Winner:Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Keith Winner: Either Zeikke by default or a draw. So undetermined.
    Zeikke Vs. Silverblood Winner:Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Npd Results: Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Koytis WInnner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Gin Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Ry-Aru Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. KiaraTural Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Fm-Static Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. SHawn Winner: Who the fuck do you think?
    Zeikke Vs. Davi Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Jesu Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Ryan Winner: Zeikke
    Zeikke Vs. Keith Winner: Zeikke. Damn o.o

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